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Oct 4, 2010

Bangsat! Lagi duit judi DAP bagi makan Melayu.

Sumber : The Star dari ISA.

Sports Toto brings gifts to children at hospital and welfare homes

In conjunction with the coming Hari Raya celebrations, Sports Toto reached out to about 300 people on separate occasions to spread the festive cheer.

An entourage of Sports Toto staff made a goodwill visit to the paediatric wards of Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah in Klang and Hospital Sungai Buloh recently.

They had a light-hearted moment mingling with about 150 children in both hospitals and handed duit raya and gift packs to them. The children were visibly brightened up by the surprises despite being unwell.

Festive cheer: A group photo of all the invited guests with their goodies.

1 comment:

Hanz Newman said...

Pehhh ... raya sakan la anak-anak Melayu & mak bebudak tu dengan duit 'hadiah' daripada syarikat@operator perjudian 'halal' (sebab berlesen?), yek?

They seem like the goodies so much. Oh Melayu yang mudah di'beli' ...kesian.

Hidup Najib! Hidup UMNO!

Ho Ho Ho